A Foreign Student Day has been held at KSTU | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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A Foreign Student Day has been held at KSTU

A Foreign Student Day has been held at KSTU


A Foreign Student Day has been held at KSTU

     On November 22, KSTU held a traditional evening dedicated to the International Students' Day. Students from different countries, studying at our university, and teachers of the Russian Language Department prepared a concert consisting of original performances demonstrating the national culture of our students. The programme of the evening this year was prepared by E.V. Leskova and a student of group 16-ST, a forward of KSTU football team "Baltic Sails" Yakuba Fane (Mali). They also became the presenters.

     Grateful viewers enthusiastically received both fiery African dances, and lyrical oriental tunes, and favorite verses in Russian, and popular Russian songs performed by their mates. And the Russian folk tale "Teremok", staged by a "troupe" of students from Morocco, caused a great tornado of applause.

     The lines of the funny song from the animated film “The Bremen Town Musicians” performed by the combined international choir under the direction of the senior lecturer E. A. Fomina may well become the motto of our student evenings: “The whole world is in our hands, We are the stars of the continents! Let us beat all to pieces the competitors. We stopped by for an hour. Privet, Bonjour, Hello! Come on, love us - you are very lucky! Come on together! Let yourself be fooled! It is better to clap your hands in a friedly way! ”

     Our foreign students have once again proved that sincerity, friendliness, tolerance, and the desire for peace resonate in all hearts, despite the difference in languages, cultures and traditions.

     We express our gratitude to the administration of our university, employees of the International Relations Office, employees of the Cafe "U Bykov" for their help in organizing the evening.

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