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The director of the Institute of Branch Economics and Management (IBEM) of KSTU A.G. Mnatsakanyan took part in the jubilee celebrations dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Sopot University of Applied Science and inauguration of the new 2019/2020 academic year. In his welcoming remarks, he said: "We have friendly relations with the Sopot University of Applied Science.
On Monday, October 21, Warsaw hosted the intellectual game tournament “What? Where? When? ”,  in which representatives of Kaliningrad State Technical University took part. Head of the Department of educational work and youth policy G.I. Rozinkevich as part of the “Surprise” team won in the overall classification.
The women's football season has ended in Latvia. A student of the Faculty of Commercial Fishery (the area of training- "Technosphere Safety") Ilona Leonova won the Cup and the silver medal of the Latvian Championship. Playing for the Riga RFS club, Ilona scored a decisive goal in the penalty shoot-out, which determined her team’s victory over Dynamo Riga. This season was the brightest in the girl’s career. We congratulate Ilona on the victory and wish her success in the following games!
On October 19, a special educational and communication platform “Boiling Point” was created at Kaliningrad State Technical University, the main university of the Federal Agency for Fishery. The project is being implemented as part of the development of educational programmes included in the agenda of the National Technology Initiative and the Digital Economy (NTI). On this day, "Boiling Points" were opened in 41 universities of the country.
On October 7, 2019, the VII Baltic Maritime Forum began its work in the assembly hall of KSTU. This is an annual large-scale international scientific and practical event, uniting under its aegis a number of scientific conferences, round tables and workshops on the development of science and education in the marine industry, manufacturing industry, and agriculture of the Baltic region.
On September 2, on the stage of the Art Center, the annual ceremony of initiation into students took place at KSTU. The rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University Vladimir Volkogon made a parting word. He wished freshmen a happy and vibrant student life, recalling that in addition to studying, it is also important to unleash the potential of young people in science, sports, creativity and other fields. A little later, Mr.Volkogon sang a song with the symbolic name “Cross the Threshold” that has already become a tradition.
The Center for Marine Research and Technology of Sevastopol State University has chosen the winner of the competition "I will build ships!" Students from fourteen Russian universities were to develop a conceptual design of a passenger ship for Sevastopol. The finalists were teams of Kaliningrad State Technical University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, R.E. Alekseev Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University and A.N. Tupolev Kazan State Technical University. The team of our university took a worthy second place.

The conference "Sail for students 2019" held on the sailing ship “Frederic Chopin” and organized by the Baltic University Program, gave two students from Kaliningrad State Technical University a unique journey in which they could not only meet people from different countries of the world, but also test themselves. The competitive selection allowed Polina Merker and Daria Kugucheva to meet with the same lucky people from 11 countries of the Baltic region for the most unusual conference.
On July 22 Skoltech completed its workshop “Island 10-22”. Over 2500 people took part in it, representing 100 management teams from universities and research centers from 72 regions of the country and scientists from many countries of the world, entrepreneurs and financiers aimed at finding new ideas and new talents. According to the results of the intensive project, KSTU team entered the top three.
On July 22, the closing day of the “Amore” Youth Maritime Forum took place. In the afternoon the participants had to defend their projects before a competent jury, get objective assessments and well-deserved awards. After several hours of hard work, the atmosphere in the tent became incredibly heated. The teams prepared presentations, glued layouts, drew diagrams, rehearsed performances. The supervisors of the “Amore” R.Polyakov, V.Volkov and T.Nikulin staged a dress rehearsal of the presentations and pointed out the main shortcomings.
Kaliningrad State Technical University has become one of the winners of the All-Russian competition of youth projects among educational organizations of higher education, as well as individuals in the framework of youth educational forums. According to the results of the meeting of the contest committee at the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, our university has won four projects for a total amount of 3,950,000 rubles.
On July 1 the National Competition - a series of radio programmes "The Best University of the Country" came to its end. According to the results of the second stage, Kaliningrad State Technical University entered the top six, overcompeting other fifteen universities. In the last stage of the Competition, 21 universities were represented. Anyone who feels like it, could take part and support one or another finalist by popular vote.
On June 27, a solemn ceremony was held to present certificates of pre-university training to graduates who completed the course of the pre-university department for foreigners. During the academic year, foreign applicants studied Russian language, the basics of mathematics, physics, computer science, and social sciences to the extent necessary to study at a technical university. The final exam tested the knowledge of the fundamental disciplines.
More than 100 people, including nine speakers, took part in the sports section. Deputy Chairman of the Government, the Minister of Sport of the Kaliningrad region, the five-time Olympic champion Natalia Ischenko was the moderator and one of the speakers. The Kaliningrad region was presented by Anatoly Zaitsev, Head of the Physical Culture Department of KSTU, Assistant Professor of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture and Sports of I.Kant Baltic Federal University Elena Matova, President of the Kaliningrad region Sambo and Judo Federation Vladimir Khlopetsky, Max Levintas Sports Club President and others.
From 10 to 28 June, the first project session “Marinet” for schoolchildren is held on the basis of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, organized by KSTU together with Sea Innovations, one of the participants of the Marinet market of the National Technology Initiative, together with the Skolkovo Foundation and the University 20.35 .The main purpose of the “Marinet” project session will be formation of a new approach to the development of the ocean among teenagers: ecology and a human are in the spotlight.
Igor Orlov, a student at the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology (Food Biotechnology), has taken the 1st place in the regional competition for young scientists and specialists. His work “Improving the technology of functional-purpose sauce based on pectin-containing raw materials” (scientific advisor - E.S. Zemlyakova) has been recognized as the best in the technical direction. In total, the competition has been attended by 20 young people representing different universities of the Kaliningrad region. These are students, graduate students, scientists aged 18 to 30 years.
On June 6, the Pushkin Day of Russia and the Day of the Russian Language, the Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library held a literature flashmob called "Living Word" - residents of the city read Pushkin's poetry non-stop. Kaliningrad writers and scientists, students of gymnasium No. 32 in Kaliningrad, foreign students studying in Kaliningrad universities, and caring citizens, who love poetry, became participants of the action.
Last week, a global meeting of start-up entrepreneurs from around the world, San Diego Startup Week 2019, was held in San Diego (USA). KSTU was represented by the deputy dean for research of the Faculty of Production Automation and Control T.R. Nikulin. At the meeting of the professional community, our representative spoke about the work of KSTU technopark, about the aspects of support for student projects and about the forms of support for high-tech projects in the Russian Federation.
On 28-29 May, the Norwegian city of Alesund hosted a two-day Russian-Norwegian seminar on the development of civil shipbuilding cooperation. The conference was attended by representatives of more than 30 companies and organizations of the two countries. KSTU was represented by A.A. Nedostup, Vice-rector for sectoral scientific and methodological activities. The main topics of the seminar were cooperation in the field of localization of solutions of Norwegian companies in Russia and cooperation in innovation and high-tech solutions on the Marinet NTI platform.
In addition to the representative of our university, the Kaliningrad delegation included 14 people: representatives of Svetlogorsk and Gusev, the Agency for Youth Affairs, the Agency for International and Interregional Relations, Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad Pollster. They took part in the programme of the partner conference in the framework of the international youth research project CaSYPoT. The event was held in the city of Kalmar (Sweden).The project has been implemented since 2016.