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A graduate of the Faculty of Commercial Fisheries and now a PhD candidate at the Department of Ichthyology and Ecology Simao Lamba began a new year with a summary of his research work. In his homeland, he works at the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries as an engineer for scientific research of fishing gear. For five months, he has been travelling with reports around almost the entire African continent. Most of the work has been carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Fisheries of Angola as part of the International Cooperation Programme of the countries of the South-East Atlantic (Angola, Nigeria and South Africa).
The Continental Championship in one of the three powerlifting exercises was held in Finland and was attended by 273 representatives of 18 European countries. As part of the Russian team, which won the first team place at the end of the tournament, Oleg Smirnov (a member of the KSTU sports club) achieved maximum results. Not only he excelled in the personal category, but also became the absolute champion, setting a new European record.
On November 22, KSTU held a traditional evening dedicated to the International Students' Day. Students from different countries, studying at our university, and teachers of the Russian Language Department prepared a concert consisting of original performances demonstrating the national culture of our students. The programme of the evening this year was prepared by E.V. Leskova and a student of group 16-ST, a forward of KSTU football team "Baltic Sails" Yakuba Fane (Mali). They also became the presenters.
On November 15, the VI annual specialized exhibition "PRO Education" started at the Amber Sports Palace. The university complex of KSTU has occupied the largest exhibition stand in its central part. This year all educational institutions were represented including KSTU, BFFSA and KMFC. “PRO Education” is the largest exhibition in the region. More than thirty educational institutions take part in it. It is dedicated to vocational education.
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