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On September 2, on the stage of the Art Center, the annual ceremony of initiation into students took place at KSTU. The rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University Vladimir Volkogon made a parting word. He wished freshmen a happy and vibrant student life, recalling that in addition to studying, it is also important to unleash the potential of young people in science, sports, creativity and other fields. A little later, Mr.Volkogon sang a song with the symbolic name “Cross the Threshold” that has already become a tradition.
The Center for Marine Research and Technology of Sevastopol State University has chosen the winner of the competition "I will build ships!" Students from fourteen Russian universities were to develop a conceptual design of a passenger ship for Sevastopol. The finalists were teams of Kaliningrad State Technical University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, R.E. Alekseev Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University and A.N. Tupolev Kazan State Technical University. The team of our university took a worthy second place.

The conference "Sail for students 2019" held on the sailing ship “Frederic Chopin” and organized by the Baltic University Program, gave two students from Kaliningrad State Technical University a unique journey in which they could not only meet people from different countries of the world, but also test themselves. The competitive selection allowed Polina Merker and Daria Kugucheva to meet with the same lucky people from 11 countries of the Baltic region for the most unusual conference.
On July 22, the closing day of the “Amore” Youth Maritime Forum took place. In the afternoon the participants had to defend their projects before a competent jury, get objective assessments and well-deserved awards. After several hours of hard work, the atmosphere in the tent became incredibly heated. The teams prepared presentations, glued layouts, drew diagrams, rehearsed performances. The supervisors of the “Amore” R.Polyakov, V.Volkov and T.Nikulin staged a dress rehearsal of the presentations and pointed out the main shortcomings.
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