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KSTU signed an agreement with the Amber plant

KSTU signed an agreement with the Amber plant


KSTU signed an agreement with the Amber plant

      On October 6th, the First Russian Amber Forum Amber was held in Amber Hall in Svetlogorsk. It was organized by Kaliningrad State Technical University with the support of “Rostec” corporation and the government of the Kaliningrad region. The Forum partners are KSTU, Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, “Prusskiy Myod” company and “Baltma turs” company. Media partners were “Kommersant”, “Yuvelirnoe obozrenie”, Agencies for economic information “Praim”- Rossiya segodnya, “Sdelano v Rossii” and “Federal Press”.

      The Forum brought together over 500 participants fr om 9 countries- China, Lithuania, Germany, Poland and other countries. More than 30 enterprises and individual entrepreneurs took part in the trade fair. A wide range of amber products were represented.

      One of the participants - SPA “Novodez” from Noginsk represented innovative products – recovery hand cream with natural amber, liquid soap, etc. The enterprise makes products with amber using technology developed by Kaliningrad State Technical University.

     After the official opening ceremony of the exposition, there was a plenary session “Amber industry: yesterday, today, tomorrow”, wh ere the main problems and development prospects of the Russian amber industry were defined. The session was attended by the deputy plenipotentiary representative in the Northwestern Federal District V.Solovyev, managing director for direct control companies of “Rostec”, Chairman of the Kaliningrad region Government designate Garri Goldman, director general of JSC “Kaliningrad Amber plant” and others.

     The plenary meeting was followed by the presentation track “Development strategy of the Plant”. Professor, consultant of the chairman of the board of directors “Kaliningrad Amber Plant” Valeriy Boyko, representative of the local amber community –Ilya Emelyanov, vice-president of the Association “Russian Amber” made reports.

     After all the reports had been discussed, in the small VIP-hall of the Amber Hall signing of the agreement of strategic partnership between JSC “Kaliningrad Amber Plant” and Kaliningrad State Technical University as well as signing of the Agreement between the plant and Group GBC was held.

     The agreement of strategic partnership between JSC “Kaliningrad Amber Plant” and Kaliningrad State Technical University was signed by KSTU rector Vladimir Volkogon and director general of the plant Mikhail Zatsepin. The agreement provides for cooperation in deep processing of amber, development of new product range made with amber or its substances, rendering research, educational, financial, leasing, transport and other services, creation of small innovative enterprises in related industries, necessary for amber products manufacturing in the context of the National technology initiative.

     KSTU rector V. Volkogon mentioned the importance of realization of the Development strategy of the plant as a heart of the hi-tech amber cluster in the Kaliningrad region in compliance with the Development strategy of “Rostec” corporation and the National technology initiative of the Russian federation. Subject to the Agreement, a decision was made on inclusion of the joint projects of KSTU and JSC “Kaliningrad Amber Plant” into the Federal Action Programmes and the government programme for the Kaliningrad region development.

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