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Despite all the hardships of the pandemic and difficulties of distance learning, the 2020-2021 academic year was completed successfully and turned out to be generous with talented graduates. A special place among them is occupied by foreign graduates, who in the last year of study had to make a lot of efforts to overcome not only all the problems of online learning, but also additional language difficulties associated with it.
On July 2, Kaliningrad State Technical University hosted the first graduation ceremony for graduates of 2021, namely, former students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology. The presentation took place in the assembly hall in compliance with all the precautions introduced by the Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor) for the non-proliferation of COVID-19. After putting on masks, the guys went out to the stage one by one to receive a long-awaited diploma and a commemorative badge.
On June 6, Russia celebrated A.S.Pushkin's birthday. On this day, Kaliningrad poetry lovers traditionally gathered around the monument on Leonov's street, where they talked about literature, read poems by Pushkin and other Russian poets. This year, another not quite ordinary poetry lover joined them - a foreign student of KSTU Nelitu Sa, who came from Guinea-Bissau. Nelitu is only studying Russian for the second year, but has already managed to understand and feel the beauty of our language, our poetry, the talent of outstanding Russian poets.
Last Thursday, on May 20, the first KVN (wits and humour competition) Cup took place on the training sailing ship "Sedov". The following teams took part in the competition: "BFFSA team", "Team of auto mechanics" (KMFC), "Without women" (KSTU), "Chalk is also calcium" (KSTU), "The most friendly team of KSTU", "Sedov and Kruzenshtern team "(KMFC). The cup competition on board the "Sedov" is the final part of the preliminaries, which took place throughout April: on April 13 the first cup of the season took place - KMFC Cup, on April 20 - BFFSA Cup, on April 29 - KSTU Cu
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