How to apply

Step 1. Choose the profession you are dreaming about


If you don’t know the Russian language, you need to take the preparatory course for foreign students at our university. To learn more about preparatory training, please, click here.

In case you want to be enrolled in the first year of degree program you must provide a proof of sufficient Russian language proficiency (B1-certificate for Bachelor programs, B2-certificate for Master programs, C1-certificate for PhD programs). Please, contact our admissions committee to find out more about admission in the degree programs.

Phone: +7 4012 99 59 99 (from 10 until 16 on weekdays)
Contact us: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram +7 952 055 39 43

Step 2. For admission to our Pre-university Department send a completed application form and the required documents to

  • completed application form for the admission
  • passport (must be valid for at least 2 years since the supposed date of your arrival) – scanned copy
  • certificate of complete secondary education at the school of the second level (college, Institute, University) including the list of subjects studied, marks on these subjects (education certificates must have the seal of legalization from the Russian Federation Consulate. Legalization of education certificates is necessary for the following nostrification procedure - acceptance of foreign university degrees as equal with native) - scanned copy

Step 3. Get preliminary approval. Once we check your educational documents you will receive preliminary approval of educational background in compliance with a chosen program of study. Confirm your intention to study at KSTU in a reply letter.

Step 4. Wait for an electronic invitation. It takes approximately 4 weeks after the University`s official request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The electronic invitation letter is required in order to obtain a student visa at the local Russian Embassy. While you are waiting for your invitation, please, prepare the following documents:

NB: All documents issued in a language, other than Russian, should have a certified translation into Russian prior to enrollment. You can make a certified translation at the Russian Embassy/ Consulate or at the translation center.

Step 5. Apply for your Russian visa at the local Russian Embassy.

Step 6. Send the scanned copy of your visa and arrival details to our Pre-university Department

Step 7. Arrive to Kaliningrad before September, 30.

NB: You are obliged to come to the International Office (Kaliningrad, Sovetsky Prospekt, 1, office 221; phone: +74012 99 53 30) on the first working day after your arrival in Kaliningrad in order to be registered in the Federal Migration Service of Russia. Otherwise, you will be departed to your home country.

Also be informed that on your arrival to our university you are expected to have the following documents at hand:

  1. Original passport and its translation into Russian;
  2. Original certificate of completion secondary education with the consulate legalization (or apostille) + Supplement to the Certificate of Secondary Education with the list of marks with the consulate legalization (or apostille)
  3. Migration card (purpose of visit – education). This document is issued by border officer each time you cross the border of The Russian Federation.
  4. Certificate of the HIV-negative status and AIDS-negative status verified by the official agency of the resident country of the candidate;
  5. Medical fitness certificate with all vaccination records
  6. 4 passport-sized photographs

You must be ready to pay for an entire academic year of your studies within two days upon your arrival to the university.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at!