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Russian Language Department

Russian Language Department
of Kaliningrad State Technical University
Invite foreigners to study and perfect Russian in Russia!

The University has been teaching Russian to foreigners since 1962 and the teachers working here are highly qualified specialists. The Department of Russian boasts a wide range of typical and authored programmes, forms, and methodology of teaching .The Department of Russian offers preparation for testing in Russian to get an international Certificate  System included to ALTE (Association of Language Testers in EUROPE).
The Department of Russian as a foreign language offers you different courses of Russian according to your level and needs
This is the set of typical language programmes, but we can make individual programme just for you, and your classes may continue as long as necessary.
Besides, you can take summer courses. 

If you want to be the student of Kaliningrad State Technical University
and to gain the Professional Qualification you can do it!

Citizens of foreign states, who has secondary education analogue to the comprehensive secondary education in Russia, and who don’t have medical contradictions for studying in Russia, can be accepted to our University.
The University has been admitting foreign students for 43 years More than 700 graduates are overseas students from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Near East.
In our University the teaching is effected in the Russian language. If you don’t know Russian, don’t worry. You will learn Russian at the preliminary department for one year. Highly qualified teachers guarantee you good knowledge of the language for your further studies. Preliminary department help you to improve your knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects, depending on the chosen profession.


For further information please contact the Head of the Russian Language Department of the Kaliningrad State Technical University Dr. Larisa Kalinnikova: 
1 Sovietsky prospect, Kaliningrad, 236000
Telephone: +7 (4012) 935488