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Science Days-2021 started at KSTU

Science Days-2021 started at KSTU


Science Days-2021 started at KSTU

     On April 12, within the framework of the interuniversity scientific and technical conference of students and cadets, meetings of two sections were held: "Information technologies" and "Radiation and chemical protection". Representatives of 19 higher educational institutions from Russia and Belarus will speak in various sections for two weeks.

     Within the framework of the section "Information Technologies" reports were made by the representatives of KSTU, I.Kant BFU, a branch of the All-Union Scientific Center of the Navy "Naval Academy" in Kaliningrad and Tyumen Industrial University. The conference was held in a mixed form. 20 reports were presented, 7 of which were given in an online format.

     At the end of the conference, the organizing committee and invited experts awarded the following reports:

  1. Anar Malik ogly Mamedov, group 17-VT (KSTU) - "Creation of an automated system for the formation and improvement of students' investment awareness." Scientific adviser: PhD in Economics M.V. Solovey;

  2. N.S. Zubov, group 17-VT (KSTU) - "Development of a Python language training web application". Scientific adviser: PhD in Engineering, DSc in Pedagogy I.D. Rudinskiy;

  3. V.I. Pinchuk, group 19-KS, M.S. Laukart, group 20-IE (KSTU) - “Creation of an electronic lock based on Arduino and STM32 microcontrollers. Their comparative characteristics”. Scientific adviser: D.A. Bazarov.

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