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The 365 Data Science scholarship contest 2019

An educational career website 365 Data Science will award a combined scholarship of $1,500 to the three students who submit the best essays.

The scholarship is called: “The illusion of choice: is the recommendation algorithm taking away our free will?”

In addition, the winners' essays will be featured on website and will receive media coverage.

To participate in 365 Data Science scholarship, students will need to study the topic and discuss their position in an essay format.

The organizers of 365 Data Science, as researchers of the data, are going to evaluate the essay and analyze the data collected as part of our research of students' opinions on the current and future state of technology.They believe this topic should be discussed, especially by the generation that has grown up on algorithms and which will determine them in the future.

You can find a complete list of requirements on special page: https: //

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