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Голубая Платформа

Голубая Платформа

КГТУ приняли в проект Интеррег (Interreg) который называется Голубая Платформа, ведущий партнер - Университет  Финляндии.


The Blue Bioeconomy is an important pillar for achieving sustainable and resource-efficient Blue Growth. Based on the SUBMARINER Roadmap (2013), network members implemented a range of complementary projects over the past years, funded through INTERREG, BONUS or HORIZON.

Projects like *Smart Blue Regions, *Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance, *Baltic Blue Growth, *MUSES, *InnoAquaTech, *AquaBest, *Plan4Blue, *BlueWEBS, *BIOCAS or *BalticRIM pooled & increased knowledge and capacities on aquaculture, mussel and algae farming, blue biotechnology, and smart combinations of marine and terrestrial uses within the Baltic Sea Region.

The three-year Blue Platform project enables us to:

  • synthesize project outputs and make them easily accessible
  • promote achievements and the use of project outputs by sharing
  • them with all relevant actors, as well as integrate them in new initiatives
  • broaden & deepen dialogue and cooperation between the Blue Bioeconomy activities of the public sector, research communitiesand private companies
  • define the next steps to further advance the development of the Blue Bioeconomy within the Baltic Sea region.

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